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Metal Massacre! - 90%

Scissors, October 8th, 2006

"Hellscraper/A Little Devil Ain't Enough" is a great and unique mix of traditional heavy metal with black metal vocals. The riffs combined with the drumming create a bouncy feel that makes you want to headbang and keeps you rocking all the way through. Also incorporated are some nice, NWOBHM-esque melodies and some simple,melodic solos. The bass is audible, and carries the rhythm along while the guitars solo or lead, in a fashion not unlike Iron Maiden and other NWOBHM bands. The music is simplistic through and through; no flashy soloing or leads, not even any real fast parts (which may be a draw back to some people). The tempo is pretty constantly mid-paced, with some slower songs thrown in the mix. The latter tracks, the "A Little Devil Ain't Enough" portion, are a bit faster and thrashier. This is also a pretty lengthy release, because it is a combination of two albums. This should appeal to fans of bands like Countess, Toxic Holocaust, Hammerwhore, Alastor, etc...