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A Journey... - 96%

Necramentia, November 15th, 2004

Once again Mr Doctor has masterminded another great recording, one to be appreciated by all kinds of music lovers. Regardless of your taste, you can feel the emotion and vast imagery created by this work of, to say the least, art. With how rare art surfaces in the music world these days, Dies Irae is certainly a breath of fresh air.

From the first minutes of the album, you can feel the Day of Wrath coming on, with a foreboding instrumental intro leading into what seems to be the beginning of this dark day. As you listen you are dragged into a world of infinite imagination, an amazing soundscape to invoke the imagination. One factor that remains consant throughout the record is perfect use of dynamics, mixing different levels of intensity to capture a brilliant sound and feel. The whole record has palpable motion, and flows as would a perfectly writting story. Mr Doctor has seemed to have perfected is compositional ability with Dies Irae, as shown in this overall fluent motion. His voice, which can strike a memorable chord in anyone's mind, speaks in a unique musical language, just adding to the dramatic affect of the music with the most powerful instrument, human voice. Overall the record has an entropic feel, slowly sliding towards some chaotic delirium in the end. And to end it all, a powerful orchestrated end sequence where one can just see the consummate finale of something great and immense. And after a prolonged silence, one can feel as if the whole process has begun anew...

So if you seek an impactful listening experience, seek out Dies Irae, it will provide you with at the least a great listening experience, if not something bigger and more significant. All in all, at the end of this auditory masterpiece, you will feel a change, no matter how subtle, and will be a different person somehow. Art of the sublime quality is the most powerful element in life, and is a truly compelling experience.