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Not as shitty as you'd think! - 80%

TheSpirit, March 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2010, Cassette, Independent (Limited edition, Red tape)

Devil's Dung is a collaboration between Mark McCoy and Dominick Fernow, two underground artists of great renown. The former was the vocalist for the legendary powerviolence group Charles Bronson and current owner of Youth Attack! Records, the premiere source of black metal and hardcore for neck bearded basement dwellers worldwide. Likewise, Dominick Fernow is one of the most prominent noise artists of the modern age, manifesting his passion in projects such as Vegas Martyrs and Prurient, as well as also owning his own label Hospital Records. Coming together in 2009, the duo vomited forth their sole self-titled release, Devil's Dung, a disgusting collection of five short raw black metal hymns.

Devil Dung is one of the more abrasive raw black metal albums you'll come across; from the crust-ridden production to the ear-piercing static that bridges each of the tracks, this demo is alienating from every aspect imaginable. It's raw black metal bliss. The scrap-yard guitars stumble to create punk-infused slabs of black metal riffing on tracks like opener "Griezzell Greedigut Is The Name Of My Imp", screeching in static-y protest from one transition to the next. While most of the demo follows suit as some sort of hideous hybrid, "Monk Hood" is a purely necrotic black metal anthem. Dispensing with any hardcore and noise influence, it is instead a slow funeral crawl through an Under A Funeral Moon-era Darkthrone inspired dirge, collecting more filth as is it trudges along in the murk.

Devil's Dung is nothing glorious, but it would be complete failure if it was. Black metal of this type needs to be horrid and excruciating, and that's exactly what this demo is. Devil's Dung is the wart on the face of black metal; it's ugly and disgusting, but for some reason, we just can't tear ourselves away from looking at it.