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Ninewinged Serpent Packs a Punch - 85%

serial_killer_miller, June 25th, 2008

Ever since Legion left the helm of Marduk I wondered whatever became of him. Well, with the help of the trusty resource known as Metal-Archives, (a cheap plug I know but that really is how I found out about Devian) I found out that he formed a new band and released an album via Century Media Records. Naturally, being a fan of Legion era Marduk I figured I would give this band a chance and let me just say I am glad I did.

Now by know means is this album groundbreaking in any way, however it is one of those albums that has a basic formula that is done to perfection. The formula is quite simple but effective. Take a somewhat technical intro, add some thrashy riffs with a dark overtone, add a dash of on pace drumming, and finally Legion's signature vocal style and listen for just over 45 minutes and you have the recipe for a good album.

What is really nice about this album is that it appeals to fans of Marduk and non-fans alike. For those of you who liked Legion in Marduk you won't be disappointed with Devian in any way. He still has the same aggressive vocal style he had on all of the Marduk releases and still uses the same lyrical content for the most part so you shouldn't be disappointed at all.

For those of you who couldn't get into Marduk because you are not a fan of the black metal style don't worry, with the added parts taken from thrash and death metal you have something that is a little more accessible for those of you who can't get your head around Marduk.

If you want an album that is raw to its core swarming with black metal riffs and drumming then I'm sorry this album is not for you. However, if you want an album with a groove, harsh vocals, that will keep you entertained for 45 minutes than by all means I encourage you to listen to this album.