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What splits are for - 95%

GTog, March 23rd, 2014

If anyone could explain the unusual title, I'd love to hear it. Something to do with Thelema I imagine.

Devathorn outshines Blaze of Perdition on this one. Their first track The Venemous Advent is a dark celebration of pestilence, from the point of view of the Plague itself. It paints a bleak picture of the scourge's victory, wiping out the firstborn of Egypt. The vocals are layered and mixed well, not so obviously the frontpiece of each track. Neither does the band rely overly on tremelo picking, the staple of black metal. And there's a fair amount of bass even! Devathorn is definitely not your speedly, treble heavy screechy black metal. It's more your down tuned, relentlessly evil in lyric & tone kind. I find this kind much more effective at sustaining the mood.

The other track Diadema MMXII is more or less typical black metal complaining about the hypocrisy of religion. It is paired well with the first track and is just as good, but doesn't contain any surprises.

Blaze of Perdition's first offering Abbey of the New Aeon starts with a Peter Baelish quote from Game of Thrones, the TV show. One might assume that the song has something to do with GoT, but no, it was just convenient to illustrate the lyrical theme of chaos being something that some people thrive on.

Between Two Crescent Moons also has a spoken intro. It's hard to make out, but let's just say it's Aleister Crowley. This track loses focus about halfway through though, and finishes weak. Both tracks are pretty representative of their sound, which for me is always hit or miss. I will tell you though that they are paired well with Devathorn. Blaze of Perdition sounds very similar, but with the vocals and guitars kicked up half a octave. That's really the best way to describe it.

This is a great split for anyone who's a fan of either one of the bands. You'll get a couple of good tracks from the band you know, and get introduced to another band that you'll enjoy.