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What splits are for - 95%

GTog, March 23rd, 2014

If anyone could explain the unusual title, I'd love to hear it. Something to do with Thelema I imagine.

Devathorn outshines Blaze of Perdition on this one. Their first track The Venemous Advent is a dark celebration of pestilence, from the point of view of the Plague itself. It paints a bleak picture of the scourge's victory, wiping out the firstborn of Egypt. The vocals are layered and mixed well, not so obviously the frontpiece of each track. Neither does the band rely overly on tremelo picking, the staple of black metal. And there's a fair amount of bass even! Devathorn is definitely not your speedly, treble heavy screechy black metal. It's more your down tuned, relentlessly evil in lyric & tone kind. I find this kind much more effective at sustaining the mood.

The other track Diadema MMXII is more or less typical black metal complaining about the hypocrisy of religion. It is paired well with the first track and is just as good, but doesn't contain any surprises.

Blaze of Perdition's first offering Abbey of the New Aeon starts with a Peter Baelish quote from Game of Thrones, the TV show. One might assume that the song has something to do with GoT, but no, it was just convenient to illustrate the lyrical theme of chaos being something that some people thrive on.

Between Two Crescent Moons also has a spoken intro. It's hard to make out, but let's just say it's Aleister Crowley. This track loses focus about halfway through though, and finishes weak. Both tracks are pretty representative of their sound, which for me is always hit or miss. I will tell you though that they are paired well with Devathorn. Blaze of Perdition sounds very similar, but with the vocals and guitars kicked up half a octave. That's really the best way to describe it.

This is a great split for anyone who's a fan of either one of the bands. You'll get a couple of good tracks from the band you know, and get introduced to another band that you'll enjoy.

418 - ATh IAV - 78%

dismember_marcin, November 11th, 2013

Some recent events in Blaze of Perdition make this split CD very special, but I do hope – and strongly believe – it won’t be their final release. Anyway, I have ordered my copy of “418 - ATh IAV” a week before the accident, so back then I would never know something like this would occur. “418 - ATh IAV” is a debut release of new label called Third Eye Temple, which was founded by XCIII… And together with his Blaze of Perdition (who on this split present us two new songs, which are supposed to announce the coming of the band’s third LP “Dreams Shall Flesh”) we can find here a band from Greece called Devathorn, which also presents couple of their new songs. The whole stuff has been limited to 511 copies (418 in regular jewelcase and exclusive edition of 93 black jewelcase pieces branded with silver serigraphy print) – I decided to treat myself with the black case version… and I must say that the packaging looks really impressive here! Great work from this new label!

So, starting off with Devathorn… If I can be honest, I have never heard about this band until their name appeared next to Blaze of Perdition and the split was announced. And prior to this CD, those Greeks have released an album called “Diadema” in 2007, as well as “Secta Nova” EP in 2010 (which was a split with other black metal bands from Greece – Enshadowed, Burial Hordes and Angstridden – I definitely must get this one for my collection!). So, about Devathorn my knowledge is pretty small... I know it is a band, which features Saevus Helcath, who recently joined Acherontas (and previously played in Dodsferd), but that’s about it, speaking of the bands, which the Devathorn musicians have been playing in. Oh, sorry, the drummer Mechblastess used to be in killer death metal band Resurgency, but that was even before they’ve recorded their first demo, he wasn’t in the band at the time, when they did their demo and killer debut album. Anyway, speaking of the music… Well, I think I can say that stylistically Devathorn fits perfectly to Blaze of Perdition, not to mention the whole more spiritualistic, occult black metal movement. I mean their music is really close to the productions from bands such as Acherontas, Ascension, Acrimonious, I can also trace here some parts, which could clearly be influenced by the mighty Necromantia and also a resemblance to the Swedish black metal movement of bands such as Watain and Dissection. Whatever… the music is really interesting and possessing; I feel really attracted to its dark, obscure, kind of mystic atmosphere and overall feeling. Devathorn plays some truly excellent riffs here, I especially like “The Venomous Advert”, which is just magnificent song. What I really like about Devathorn is that they have quite many melodic parts, but the music is still very vicious and dark, plus the vocal performance of Althagor (with some help in chanting parts from Acherontas V. Priest) is really, really good. And on top of everything, the production is just flawless. The second song, “Diadema MMXII”, is even more melodic, but for me “The Venomous Advert” is what you really must listen to. Excellent track…

And now Blaze of Perdition… Damn, it’s already been two years since “The Hierophant” was unleashed! Time flies so quickly. This year I had a pleasure listening to “Necrosophist” EP and now it’s time for these two new songs. Well, I must say that my impression is that Blaze of Perdition has change a little bit, sort of evolved. You know, I used to agree that they had a shadow of Watain over their music on the previous albums (but with a dose of something personal), then the “Necrosophist” was stepping closer to Dissection… and now it turns out that these two songs are just quite unlike most of the stuff, which Blaze of Perdition has recorded before. And I must admit that at first listen I wasn’t sure what to think about it, I was kind of disappointed maybe, but with every next listen I started to like this music more and more. “Abbey of the New Aeon” is such an awesome song that it just rips through the veins with these killer riffs. Some of them are almost catchy, but still deeply rooted within the black metal sound, so don’t think that Blaze of Perdition started to play pop hehe! For example that opening riff… I think it’s kind of catchy, headbanging type of riff, you know? Then it becomes little bit more twisted and sometimes kind of chaotic and furious until the more epic side of this song begins, for which Blaze of Perdition even used some clean vocals. Definitely I think I can say that the band has got rid of that Watain and Dissection influence for something different… And really a lot is going on in this just one song and personally I feel really impressed by it. And the second track “Between Two Crescent Moons” is even more untypical for this band, I think... not just the riffs are I think little bit different, but also the vocals. Just listen to the final part of this song and hear yourself what is going on there. I must say that it isn’t something what would catch my attention immediately and this is probably also why I was kind of disappointed by it in the beginning. It’s not that straight forward black metal anymore, you know? But give it few more listens and you may find a path in the chaos…

I guess I should conclude it now… Well, I can just say that “418 - ATh IAV” is really good release; I have enjoyed it a lot, so I recommend it. This time I am more impressed by the music of Devathorn, but Blaze of Perdition has also done a very good job, so if you’re into such sounds then you just must get yourself a copy of this album. But be quick! 511 copies are not many!
Final rate: 78/100