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Modern old-school - 85%

Tony Blackthrasher, July 11th, 2020

Modern black thrash metal is divided into many different styles and into the bands that sound exactly like the ones from the 80’s, the bands that being inspired by the classic bands create a whole new style and the bands that combine this old school and new school together. Devastator belongs to the latter group. Although they are not as you could imagine them. They are unique as in some moments of their music you can hear themes created decades ago and in the other you can hear something very new and fresh. And these men really know how to combine it all to create a new piece of blasphemous art.

Baptised in Blasphemy is the debut album of the British black thrash/speed metal band Devastator. The band mentions Venom, Sodom and Motorhead as their inspirations and its very hearable in the opening song. Howling Night sounds like a mixture of these bands, with an addition of some Toxic Holocaust style, served in a very fresh way. The song is so satisfying and catchy that during listening you simply want to scream the chorus along with the vocalist. Unfortunately, I have to give a big minus point here, because Howling Night reminds me a lot of Impaled Nazarene’s Let’s Fucking Die. The main riff and the whole beginning of the song is very similar and it would be a strange contingency if Devastator haven’t heard this song till writing Howling Night. But I can partly forgive them, cause their song has something that Impaled Nazarene’s one doesn’t. Something, that all of the three mentioned bands don’t have too. It’s the melancholic 2nd wave of black metal-inspired melodies. They are top notch and make the song a very fresh masterpiece even though it’s very similar to some other ones.

The second song is called Worship the Goat. While the opening one has a lot of speed metal in it, this one is pure black thrash. It’s one of the catchiest songs on the album and it’s outstanding in its straightforwardness. Here we have classic thrash metal-styled riffs with amazing black metal elements. Even after very first spin of this song as a single I was catching myself randomly growling “In blasphemy you will all worship the goat! / In sodomy you will all worship the goat!”. And it only got stronger after the next spins. Although I think that the lyrics could be better. “In sex and death, you will all suffer my wrath”. How can I suffer… in death? And what does sex have to do with it? Well, maybe I’m just too young to understand. But I still appreciate the anger and dirt that they managed to rip in music and lyrics.

The rest of the record have many outstanding moments, like for example very interesting bass lines, more death metal-styled vocals and impressive screams. It contains of 2 short, straightforward rippers that are connected to create a one song together. The strange thing about the album is that it has some moments that grow on you immediately while listening and others that grow on you for a long time because of how dark they are.

The highlight of the whole album is in my opinion Spiritual Warfare. It’s an extremely catchy and fresh black thrash masterpiece. It has a creatively written riff and an unforgettable structure. Almost every song on Baptised in Blasphemy has a very catchy chorus, but this one is like a climax of it all. It also stands out because of the numerous melodies and impressive solos. It was also placed in the perfect place of the record.

The album ends with a title track which is an another speed metal psalm here. It is very good as an ending track and it bids farewell to the listener with a message of how the whole band is and perhaps what are their plans for the next releases. What I must admit is that after the first spins I was left with a thought: “Oh, that’s it? The end already?”. I felt like I didn’t get to know the whole story. But later I spotted the advantages of it. I realized that it’s just how well the record is composed make me think like the time when I’m listening to it flies quickly. Another advantage of the fact that the record is short is that it’s an album that you always want to listen to from the beginning to the end, not only listening to the single songs. It’s like a one long and diverse song. Even though I still feel a little insufficiency, I am not very disappointed.

Baptised in Blasphemy is a short, but very satisfying and addictive black thrash/speed metal journey that combines old-school and new-school in a perfect way and surprises the listener many times. It has some less original moments and leaves a little insufficiency, but still it’s perfect for every Blackspeedthrasher.

Originally written for Tony Blackthrasher on Instagram and Facebook and The Metal Observer.