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Godliness and heaviness on one release - 80%

fatos666, November 28th, 2012

This Danish death metal band's debut album ‘Murderer’ was in my book amazing genius and this continues with ‘Godless’ which is on the whole is a little faster than its predecessor. What I found amazing and what I found exciting about this band on their debut has continued on this second release.

The production is crisp, whilst still being dirty; I have to commend the band for developing their sound rather than going for a lo-fi rotten sound that many peers are still adopting. When you have tracks that are as strong as ‘Pest Grave’ you know you are in good company. The way that the punishing delivery is exasperated by sounds and riffs that tantalise your death metal grounding and immediately results in a perfect combination of old and new. Listeners may find some thrashier moments, combines with a death metal gnarl, an angst that is delivered ‘Surrounded by the Dead’. This has a tirade of doom combined with some intensely catchy blackened, haunting guitar tones backed by rousing undead spouting vocals. This is where I hear development of the Deus Otiosus sound, there is much more speed, much more relevant than other bands totally reliant on a blackend death metal style.

‘Godless’ a perfect follow up to a crushing debut album, rather than sticking to a set formula, Deus Otiosus have developed, they have grown and this is a perfect mix of old and new death metal with a few hints of further reaching influences that are masterfully executed making ‘Godless’ a very essential death metal album.

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