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Reflexions of Nothingness - 66%

Fulgurius, August 10th, 2010

This Hellenic-French split was released on tape through De Umbris Prod. in June 2010, and I have to say that the two bands presented here have different musical approach and, in my view, they don't fit one another well.

On their first two tracks Deus Ignotus have further developed the work that was started on the previous demo. Their sound became more solid, the music have got more influences from the Swedish and Norwegian scenes, and in this case that's not bad, as these influences have helped them to get more speed and fury into their sound while keeping a good deal of melodiousness. The opening track - "Limb of the Orthodox" - is simply excellent, and "Teargas in Heaven" is quite strong as well. The only thing I can complain about is vocals. This time lead vocals were performed by Spoonman (Earth of Distrust), who had already performed some guest vocals on the first demo, and his squeaky screams lack in aggression, in my opinion. The third track - "Droned in Hate" - consists of some pointless drone/noise that was actually composed by electronic musician elDot (aka Sotiris Laskaris), who also performed mixing and mastering for Deus Ignotus part of this split. And the last track on the Side A is a cover of Sun of Nothing (a Greek band that combines sludge/doom with black metal and noise). This song is built around groovy doom metal riff that changes into some black metal (and for this part Deus Ignotus have decided to borrow the riff from "Transylvanian Hunger", I've listened to original version of this song on myspace, and it doesn't have this riff).

French band AbnorM plays blackened death metal of modern kind, and, to be honest, their part of this split wasn't much interesting for me. The first track is slow instrumental introduction that starts with some electronic samples, and the remaining two tracks are predominantly modern-sounding death metal with some technical elements and brutal growls. Completely boring and unoriginal, there are thousands of similar bands, and when I read on their myspace page: "We are trying to create our own style, both musically and ideologically", I can only smile, because I can't see any "own style" here. Or maybe they are still searching for it, then good luck, but I'm not going to pay my attention to this band anymore.

The members of Deus Ignotus have recorded some decent stuff for this split, but they must have really bad taste to choose the band like AbnorM for the split.