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Man shall fall, you shall worship - 58%

Fulgurius, September 7th, 2009

Here is the debut demo of the young band, which represents what I would call the "New Wave of Hellenic Black Metal" (in short, under NWOHBM I mean the new bands, which have a bit "fresh" sound, but still bear that "mystic" atmosphere that was present in the early 90's bands from Greece and can hardly be found in the sound of the bands from the other countries).

Atmosphere and some good riffs are the things that make this demo worthy of at least few listens. Though the riffs are not much varied throughout the songs and are repetitive to some extent, but they work due to their melodiousness and some touch of melancholy. The only thing that I don't like in guitar sound is that it is not "thick" enough, and generally the mixing on this demo could have been done better, especially in the drum parts, which sometimes sound smoothly at the background and at times sound too loud, but at least they use real drums and that's plus. Bass is high enough to be heard, but nothing really special; vocals are mostly low, only the song "Suicide Accomplishment" has some high-pitched screams, performed, as far as I've understood, by Spoonman from the band Earth of Distrust. One more shortcoming on this demo is the uselessness of intro and outro, which sound like a minute of unidentified sounds and nothing more.

This demo has only about 14 minutes in length, and it's quite enough to make the first impressions about the band, which is surely far from being the worst representatives of aforementioned scene.