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Clear Vision with This Proven Shredding Therapy - 91%

bayern, November 20th, 2018

Technical death metal in its less congested, more concise form is what these Chilean “dethroners” have become synonymous (with just one album?!) with, and the album reviewed here is another fairly nice reflection of that. The debut introduced their very effective, but as non-fussy as possible, approach to the genre and this opus here is another statement of no-beating-about-the bush intent.

Expect tight, relatively brief compositions built on fast-paced overlapping pyrotechnics which come as more polished early Suffocation on the contrived brutalizers “Born Dead” and “Sound of Sin”. Things take a more acrobatic turn (“Sound of Sin”) later with the shadow of Necrophagist brought back from exile with the less predictable, also very aptly-titled “Transformation” the guys’ march acquiring more dazzling, also less regular strides but rest assured that you’ll never get lost with short, more immediate “guides” like “Narcolepsy” and “Buried Alive” always roaming around, treating whatever signs of dizziness have emerged. The ensuing “therapy” allows a couple of less controlled blast-beats (“The Blaze”) to sneak in, but such displays of unruly behaviour are totally out of the question on elaborate multi-faceted excursions like “Apocalyptic Torment”, a dense virtuoso-prone excerpt taken from the “Shrapnel at the graves” contest that never took place, the only composition that goes beyond the 4-min mark with a wider array of dazzling twists and turns.

Shred, shred, shred… and you won’t know how fast this just a bit over half an hour has passed, engulfed by the inordinately high proficiency of these minstrels who carve their way through the thickening by-the-day technical metal field with consummate ease. I guess it’s always beneficial to do that without spending too much time in intricate overindulgence, consequently leaving the healthy competition behind the latter pondering over much more complicated tractates some of those not decipherable even for the creators themselves. There’s this lightness sensed in the execution like the guys semi-absent-mindedly pass through the motions, loosely sketching potential more entangled vistas on which they could work later… They’d rather not, my piece of advice; the standby position as the compulsory antidote on the scene is not an easy one, but invariably comes with rich rewards… or thereabouts.

Apparently, our friends are not very interested in conquering said field as their appearances are irregular at best, but whenever the rulers of the Kingdom of Shredeathland, whoever they may be at the time, start walking with their heads too high in the clouds, rest assured that the dethroners will be just an arm’s stretch away from the execution spot.