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Possibly the greatest work by a metal artist ever. - 93%

schmabers, March 24th, 2014

The title may seem exaggerated, but the truth is I feel like this is the pinnacle of our art.

For starters, I find myself constantly humming along to the soundtrack. The tunes are catchy and the songs are well-crafted and actually in the end are quite uplifting, but at the same time some of the main 'metal' tracks maintain an air of brutality such as 'Morte Lumina' or 'Magnus and the Assassin'.

Without a moment to spare for filler, Brendon Small has created a single operatic piece from several different (and in some cases quite contrasting) genres and even styles of genres. However, the overall theme of the opera is never lost or misplaced.

In terms of originality, Brendon has created just enough genericism to be 'funny' and enough creativity to avoid anything becoming long and drawn out or grinding. Not once did I find myself checking how much time was left. On the other hand, I do feel disappointed that the writer(s) never found a way to work the song 'Blazing Star' into the actual opera, which I interpreted as the (for lack of a better word) 'climax' of the fourth season.

When I watched the cartoon, I was at first disappointed that the entire thing seemed to be one long cheesy song. However, after my first whole listen through of the soundtrack I found myself with an uncontrollable desire to sing along, a feeling I haven't felt since I first bought 'Live After Death' on vinyl.

The seamless flow between songs and genres, even the juxtaposition of metal against '80s synthpop, is absolutely a masterpiece and I particularly loved the complete shift between 'Givin' Back to You' and 'En Antris et Stella Fatum Cruenti'. The latter features the vocals of a metal god and long time voice character of the show, Corpsegrinder. The only problem I found is the lack of 'metal'. The only issue was perhaps they didn't do enough, but working to a television schedule I feel they did the best they could have. A work of art to be proud of and as of this moment, under-celebrated.

In conclusion, I feel that the writer(s) have created a work that should influence many artists,not only in metal, but other genres as well. Additionally, they have broken the mold of switching between genres.