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D-D-D-D-Dethalbum II: Pull The Plug - 90%

Wacke, October 24th, 2009

Review of Dethklok - Dethalbum II (Standard version)

First I have to say, I don't watch the Metalocalypse show at all and I'm not too aware of anything related to Dethklok except the musicians (both the real and the fictitious). This is a straight review of the album and the music.

A friend of mine watches Metalocalypse and listens to Dethklok, and he played some tunes of them for me back in like 2006. I remember it sounding pretty shitty and it didn't really make an impact on me at all. In 2007, when The Dethalbum were released, I gave it a chance. However, I found some tunes on it, maybe like four or five, that I liked. I was unaware of the release of this album, but the same friend of mine played "Comet Song" for me and I thought is was pretty good. I decided to check the whole album out, just to see if it's any better than the last one and man - it is!

I listened to track after track and found myself liking all of the tunes, and what was the reason for that? I've got a few thoughts 'bout that: more melodic elements in the songs, a symphonic approach in the tunes and it all seems to have a bigger soul behind it. I also feel like this album is more oriented between heavy / slower bits and fast bits. The Dethalbum really, for me, felt like it wanted to be as brutal as possible (except for that song "Detharmonic"). I overall think an album should vary between the tunes and not have every song being the same. That was the lack that The Dethalbum had and this hasn't.

The album production is another great thing with this album. It sounds somewhat thicker than the debut and I like the guitar tone as well as the drums. The musicianship between Brendan Small and Gene Hoglan (the man!) is really tight. It sounds very rehearsed but still so real, unlike Lamb of God's two albums before "Wrath", for instance.

And now to the best and least good things with Dethalbum II:

Best things: The variety between the songs and the symphonic approach. Pretty nice album cover too. It's cheesy, but still cool. It's a metal-type thing, I guess.

Least good things: The lack of any bonus tracks on the deluxe edition, like The Dethalbum had (quite many as well). The keyboards could at certain times be a little louder in the mix.

That's it really. It's a great album and definitely better than The Dethalbum. Get it! I can pretty much guarantee that you won't regret it!

Final rating: 9/10.

Best songs: Laser Cannon Deth Sentence, The Cyborg Killers, Bloodlines.
Least good song: Symmetry.