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Excellent demo release - 86%

orionmetalhead, November 27th, 2006

I love early 90's late 80's death metal. This is one reason why I love this Deteriorot demo. Its brimming with lovely nuggets of early death metal succulence. Also, these guys apparently live about ten minutes from me. Small world huh!

Moving away from locale and moving towards the music... I like a lot of this. Its got heaviness, its got headbangability, its got some awesome groove, and its got awesome riffs. The tone is fantastic for a demo. You can hear all the instruments clearly and this benefits the oldschool sound of the album. The drumming is my only... I wouldn't call it a complaint... but it might be the sole detractor. Maybee its because the bass drum is kinda low in the mix (aside from everything else) but I think that a better drummer would benefit these guys well. That, of course is not to say that Jon Brody is not a good drummer because he does some really cool fills and makes it known he knows his way around the set however at times there is a lack in originality in the drum lines. Paul Zavaleta's guitar abilities work well with the release and he keeps the machine-gun rhythm barrages coming right on schedule.

The songs are good with In Ancient Beliefs being a highlight for me. Its got fast parts, slow parts, all of them heavy parts. Its also got a really cool solo about halfway through which is really awesome although short and would have sounded even better had it been continued on into the next riff which is a slow doomy Obituary-esque riff of epic proportions. Fallen Misery is also well written with alot of interesting slow parts. Although its mostly a slow song it keeps up the excitement with many excellent drum variations holding the song together. This a song where the subtleties shine. The high-hat usage is one thing that really gives this an almost falling apart feel while keeping a steady groove up until the song speeds up.

Now, im not quite sure which bassist played on this. From what I know they have had several bassists. Im guessing that O.D. Lallo played on this or possibly the bass was recorded by the guitarist. Member-wise this is an intriguing and complex puzzle.