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No Hold Barred Violence - 90%

ohfuck, June 13th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, Cassette, Shattered Dreams Productions

It was the 20th Century Philosopher Walter Benjamin who wrote “There is no document of civilization that is not also a document of barbarism.” And while that quote was probably not meant for metal or grindcore music, it is assured that if someone in the past (or far distant future) were to see and listen to Suck Brick by Deterioration, they would think nothing but vile and abhorrent things about this era. This music takes no prisoners and doesn't pull any punches.

Within 15 minutes we get 13 songs of pure grindcore. If this is your first taste of Deterioration be prepared for almost non stop blasting and ridiculous screamed vocals. There is the occasional slower riff and sample but most of the time is spent going breakneck speeds. While grindcore is known for being very fast most bands don't play as fast as they think they are or for very long. A comparable band would be Last Days of Humanity or Brodequin who are very drum oriented when it comes to their songs. On top of that the drummer Joe only uses a snare drum. While most drummers couldn't do well without some amount of toms, this allows Deterioration to focus on a tight rhythm rather then the drummer trying to look really flashy with complex fills. The riffing matches the drumming most of the time and would be almost hypnotic if it were not so abrasive.

Production wise the guitars and bass are upfront and create almost a wall of sound. Because there are no toms in the drums the snare and bass drum sit nicely in the middle steering the listener in this audio Hell in a Cell. The vocals are screamed and the best comparison is Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt. They cut through and are some of the most excruciating vocals in modern grindcore. Every element works really well and you have a very guitar heavy sound that doesn't drown out everything else.

Overall this is a fantastic album. It puts you in a headlock for 15 minutes and leaves you gasping wondering what happened but wanting more. It's violent but Deterioration are going for that and achieve that sound and aesthetic while so many bands often fall short.