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Great live album, but predictable and unnecessary. - 60%

Dark_Angel_Justin, March 11th, 2012

Let me first explain that my score of 60% isn't because this is a horrible live album. On the contrary, it's quite good. The album is gathered from 2 live shows mixed together, the first being from the Wacken 2007 gig and the second from a Tokyo gig. The production is outstanding. But....

Destruction has put out a handful of live material over the years, be it album or dvd. The songs gathered on this album aren't anything new. Destruction predictably delivers a solid live show time and again, but their live albums are predictable as well. You'll find the many staples of their live sets (Curse The Gods, Mad Butcher, and Bestial Invasion...just to name a few). The only deviation from this standard set list is the 2 or 3 songs they play from the new album that was released at the time. Beyond that, there really isn't anything you can't hear somewhere else.

First I explained why this live album is predictable and now I'll explain why it's unnecessary. The songs on this album that are from the Wacken 2007 gig can be found on the bonus cd of the dvd A Savage Symphony. A Savage Symphony is the 25th anniversary show they did at Wacken in 2007, therefore they've released the same material twice. The only reason to buy this live album is if you’re a diehard uber fan and you want to listen to them play in Tokyo. You’re better off paying a little extra and getting A Savage Symphony where you'll get the entire Wacken show, both as a dvd and cd and a Destruction documentary.