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Decent thrash metal - 71%

UltraBoris, March 22nd, 2003

The addition of a second guitarist may have just done the trick. This is a very competent album filled with nice sharp riffage, and mostly gone are the "what the fuck are you guys doing??" type songs of the first few albums - which were partly the production's fault, but also partly that of the songwriting.

The choruses are still a bit on the goofy and forced side... "Release! From agony!" But the riffs are well done... especially the main riff in Dissatisfied Existence, which is pretty much the effect that they were probably trying to go for since the beginning with Mad Butcher and the like. Plus the soloing is quite competent and enjoyable. They'd take this one step further on Cracked Brain, when they threw in a nice shrieky vocalist too, but here it is already pretty well done.

More great riffs include "Sign of Fear" - that's almost Dark Angel or Demolition Hammer in the guitar tone, and almost as great in headbangability! Six minutes of fun thrash. "Unconscious Ruins" is a bit faster, and has a very excellent middle section around 3.15 in.

Then, the highlight of the album - "Incriminated". Some great thrash moments not unlike a "Primitive Future" from Sepultura. Our Oppression is also very nice - they picked up the pace for these two songs and it works very well. And finally, the closer - more good stuff, especially that riff around 3.26. Oh yeah and the ending is pretty hilarious too! Where the fuck did THAT come from??

Yes, the album definitely gets better as it goes on. Sometimes it kinda plods along without much of a sense of direction, but the last three songs are excellent thrash metal. Worth getting just for those three.