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Destruction's Best - 99%

BurntOffering, October 10th, 2005

This is one hell of an impressive album. Everything is clearly defined and production is great, every instrument can be heard perfectly making for some of Germany's best thrash ever. Destruction's riff master Mike goes on full gear here, so there is about 15 riffs a song!

The album starts out with "Beyond Enternity" a great little intro that shows Harry is a great new addition to the band and is no slouch at shredding. This sets the mood with some classical soloing and goes into the title track, Listen to that first riff. Insane Thrash right there. Schmier is at the best in his career he with power shrieks and whatnot and this is shown right from the begining. Amazing thrash break and then a nice solo top it off and we have some of the best thrash ever. "Dissatisfied Existance" has some very technical riffs supplied by Mike and continues the onslaught that the last track started. "Sign of Fear" is more midpaced and has some odd timings, as well as some very enjoyable drumming from Olly and a nice classical acoustic solo in the begining by Harry. Very catchy song especially in the vocal lines and soloing. Schmier's falsetto shrieks at the end own just about every other thrash singer including Don Doty. "Unconcious Ruins" is after that and holy shit, that is one insane riff sequence that they go through complete with some nice stops and breaks that totally work. You can hear the Watchtower and Fates Warning influence in this song in the riffage approch. Schmier has an amasing shriek when the first solo starts and then some a thrash break that is mind blowingly technical without resorting to wankery what-so-ever. "Incriminated" starts off a bit slower and then goes through some awsome riffs with about 100 tempo changes. There's some nice lyrics in this song as well. This song isn't quite a progressive in the riff changes, but rather uses the effect of coming out of nowhere and hitting you in the face. Melodic solos everywhere, Arch Enemy wishes they could sound this good. That solo backing.....pure genius. "Our Oppression" is another blugenous assault on the senses. It starts out a bit strange and the the riffs after that little break are some of the best thrash riffs ever. Catchy gang vocal chorus as well. Holy hell there is so many tempo changes that it surpasses Sepultura's Schizophrenia and that's no easy task. This album is so under rated it's not even funny. Everyone seems to look over it and the band hardly ever plays any of it live at all. The sad thing is that it contains some of the best riffs ever. Anyway......"Survive to Die" closes the album and is probably the catchiest thing on here. Oh yes, Best. Chorus. Ever. Nice riff between "Survive!" and "To Die!". They would take a similiar idea on "Creations from the Underworld" 13 years later on The Antchrist. Mike sure did a great job on that solo backing once again and the drumming is Gene Holgan style at times, not as insane, but is more effective than the usual thrash drumming. Oh yeah, what a way to end the album! Some people think it's retarded, but I found it humorus especially the first time I listened to it.

What we have here is the highlight of Destruction's career. Everyone puts out there full ablities on this album. If you like thrash don't hesitate to get this. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially since I don't throw around a rating like 99% regularly.