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I've left genius behind... - 65%

UltraBoris, January 25th, 2004

They said it, not me. Specifically, in the song 'Ripping the Flesh Apart', and it unfortunately sums up the album perfectly. After the amazing and lethal The Antichrist, how the fuck is Destruction supposed to top it? Let's just say, they didn't.

Now this is not a bad album at all. If you like Destruction, you will enjoy it. Mike's insane riff style is still here, and Schmier still sounds like someone just pissed in his Jagermeister.

So what's wrong with it? It's sort of a 'fun' album, and since the Antichrist was so brutal, it seems a step down. Also, some of the songs tend to run their course a bit too fast, and are reliant on too few riffs. A good example: Mortal Remains, which has that great intro riff, and then that riff keeps coming back again and again, and after 4 minutes, 11 seconds, it seems a bit annoying.

Then there is the opener, The Ravenous Beast, which pulls a 'Ghosts of War' in that the first few seconds are demo quality, and then the song really kicks in. But that's one fucking Hell of a demo, with the guitars really loud, and if the entire album sounded like that, I'd have given it another 5 points, because that part is just vicious and crippling. Then when the song 'kicks in' it never quite gets going. The multiple vocal attack of the chorus just seems a bit forced, and Schmier's vox are the weakest in the middle track ... I'd quote lyrics except I have no clue what he's saying. Something about fear and ripping. You know what part.

Some of the songs could be complete Antichrist material... Fear of the Moment, for exampel, and the second track Metal Discharge and Desecrators of the New Age recalls a bit of melodicism that is most reminiscent of Cracked Brain, though really it just sounds like staple Destruction.

As for the rest, Historical Force Feed has a great fucking title, but the rest of the song doesn't really match. It is just a bit plodding and the riff just a bit pedestrian, and then there's that bass-and-vox section that is just a bit annoying. Then, Made to be Broken totally sounds like a ripoff of early 90s Pantera, with a riff sounding like what Walk would be like if it weren't obnoxious. Somehow, it still manages to become obnoxious. The final track, Vendetta, is also relatively forgettable - it has the usual riffs in the usual places, but the chorus is very forced, and at times the song - representative of the album as a whole - sounds like Mike just sat down and started spewing out whatever riffs he could come up with, and they just took the riff tape at face value.

In conclusion, it's kind of a weak album. Given that hardly anyone's playing thrash nowadays, it's a welcome addition to the market, and again anyone that likes Destruction is going to at least somewhat enjoy this. 'Least Successful Human Cannonball', this is not. But it's also not the new Exodus...