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Mindless fun... - 75%

Snxke, October 15th, 2004

Destruction just won't give up. This isn't a BAD thing really, but the band just seems to battle on without a clue as to what is going on around them. Unlike a lot of people, I enjoy Destruction's newer material as much as I like the "old-skool" of the band. "Metal Discharge" is wonderfully produced with a throbbing bass mix and cutting guitars. The drums are percussive and driving while not distracting from the music and spite-laden vocals that seem to tear themselves from the throat of front-kraut Schmier. The musicianship is top notch, the production is top notch, the lyrical themes and song-craft are typically time-warped and mindless as a Termintor - but we all dig those flicks in the same way we dig this album. (With a grain of salt, for those of you new to these sorts of things.) Destruction won't quit, they won't change and if we're lucky they'll keep kicking it until they stop believing in mindless thrash as much as the world around them has. This sort of sincerity is what carries a record like this in a cynical must be commended.

While only "Made to be Broken" has any slow-down-and-groove parts this CD manages to kick along pretty well. From beginning to end we have the ultra-clattering drums (in a good way), roiling bass and buzzsaw the guitar have been known for all these years. These songs bounce along with enough random dueling (yeah - one guy duels himself) and pissed-off pointlessness to match much of the work on the earlier records. Sure, there are no big hit-style choruses like on "All Hell Breaks Loose" but we have a thrashfest that is tougher than nails. Destruction have deftly avoided art in terms for good craft that praises the "thrash" idea with an honest-to-goodness edge that can take an old skeptic like me and get his foot tapping. Sure - they're ain't a classic to be found here - but who cares? It's thrash-metal junk food and it tastes GOOD when it's in the spinner. These boys know how to get the job done - if only for a momentary release of thrashing rage...

Destruction are Destruction...not as primal as Sodom nor as self-important as Kreator. In many ways these are the true "tough guys" of German thrash and deserve a bit more attention than they have gotten. While only "Made to Be Broken" will last beyond the next record in terms of memory one can claim that "Metal Discharge" has a deep spirit that may help keep kraut-thrash thrashing into the next few years.

Pick it up with a six pack and a bullet belt...