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Modern Thrash Done Right - 69%

LOGrules88, February 25th, 2007

Wow isn’t this album a rare gem. It's a modern Thrash Metal album that doesn’t suck huge ass. This album isn’t great or for that matter really good, but hey it's just about the best we have got.

The one thing that I really like about Destruction is that they are one of the few Thrash bands that haven’t been infected by Groove, Gothenburg, or any other trendy bullshit. For there whole career they have played pretty straight ahead Thrash. This album is really no exception. This album is filled with bare knuckles, no bullshit Thrash, which keeps the same basic formula for the whole thing.

Now while I praise Destruction for not falling into stupid trendy traps that many other Thrash bands have fallen into, in the last few years, it would be nice to hear a little more variety in the songs. Most of the songs on this album are pretty damn good, but there are a few that are just way to boring and mediocre for my tastes. Namely "Made To Be Broken" and "Historical Force Feed". There is only one complete throw away track on this and that is "Rippin' the Flesh Apart". It is really boring and has stupid verses.

There are some highlights on this album. The riffs on it are still very potent and crushing. They definitely have not forgotten how to riff. The best example of this is the song "Savage Symphony of Terror". Check out the riff at around 0:40, fucking killer. Another really good song is "Mortal Remains". It has great intro riffing and some powerful lead guitar. I have always liked Schmier's vocals and he delivers another great vocal performance on this album.

So overall this sadly is probably some of the best modern Thrash we are gonna get. It not great, but it’s pretty good, and for now all we can really do is listen to this and pray for another Tempo of the Damned.