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those goddamned vocals. - 59%

avidmetal, February 5th, 2010

Here is destruction's second release and "Curse the gods!", those vocals are terrible. His voice is monotonous, tone deaf and extremely annoying after a while. I do like destruction, I think the band's first few efforts were very mediocre and dull. Their best stuff is 'Cracked brain', The vocalist (I don't know if it's the same guy) has a much better approach and has a better sense of tone and understandability on their 90's stuff.

The guitarwork is similar to the first effort, The production values are much better than the first. The riffs sound like a blunt chainsaw stuck in mud. Like most german bands in their early days, They make pathetic attempts at writing lyrics, Even more so than kreator in their early days. The guitar tone is just a bit too crunchy, scratchy noise that dominates every track on this album. The drumming is extremely repetitive. The same few patterns repeated again and again until it is not funny anymore. All this would've been nullified if there was some good lyrics worth listening but there's an acute shortage of that. There's the occasional catchy chorus here and there. The vocals feel very unnatural and forced, I am not sure this was the way he was meant to be. He tries a high pitched scream but it just fails.

The production is really bad, The bass and the guitar tone can't be distinguished, It's just an indistinguishable mix of "buzz" noise. All the songs are pretty repetetive and unmemorable. They just go in through one ear and go out the other and yes, You're average dumb metalhead will bang his head around for a few minutes and go "omgzz, this is so brutallzz!". Seriously though, This was a talented bunch of individuals who would get much better in the 90's. The best track on this album is the first one 'Curse...the... gawds!" and after that, It's just one long boring old song and those terrible, unimaginative vocals. They suck!.

The lyrics are terrible, They don't make a point. The monotonous screaming makes it even more unbearable. Get 'Cracked brain' by the same band and this is only worth getting if you're a die-hard destruction fan who can look past the terrible production and the crappy vocals.