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So many things are insignificant. - 92%

Shadespawn, May 26th, 2009

The 80s. Damn I miss the old days of frenzied, authentic, and most importantly innovative thrash; the music that changed the meaning of aggression and pointed so many fingers at so many wrong aspects of reality, most people seemingly forgot after important and necessary periods such as the enlightenment or modern mind constructs (i.e. existentialism). Ignorance seems to be a persistent flaw in human behaviour, drilling itself into one's subconsciousness and remaining there, no matter how often others try to beat it out of you. German thrash metal band "Destruction" don't propose solutions by calm convincing, but rather try to kick that ignorance out of peoples' heads. Striking.

86's Eternal Devastation is a great album. Not only because it's forged by one of the German "triumvirate" of thrash (the other two being Sodom and Kreator), but because it has so huge balls, the earth should orbit around IT (seriously). German thrash is overall very authentic and deconstructive, it's the same shit they do in the US, but only a little different. After the haunting short intro, the only thing this album delivers is a whole avalanche of killer riffs. Quoting master Fenriz from some stupid interview: "[...] killer riffs like Destruction and shit [...]". Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer, the band's figurehead, "curses the gods", "unites by hatred" and does many more blasphemous and wretched stuff, while constantly amazing with his rich repertoire of very unusually creative riffing.

As for production, well is to be said. We're in the 80s and we're talking about the more extreme side of heavy metal, so the production is fuzzy and varies from song to song, but that's what makes old material attractive. The dirty tune, the non-perfect sounding of the album as a whole. Something that shows instead of tells, something that hits you in the face like a whiplash, something that more people should listen to and appreciate. Clich├ęs are, of course, omnipresent: high pitched overdriven screeches, concise and direct lyrics that talk about realistic themes and the amazing, chaotic solo that climaxes every song and rips the song pattern apart. So many things are insignificant, but this album delivers everything an impulsive and eccentric thrash metal album requires. While being equally good as their debut release, the overall atmosphere and instrument sound varies.

While the true flame and energy of thrash metal has burnt out, albums such as this will cause pleasant nostalgia and a warm feeling inside to CRUSH EVERYTHING THAT LIES IN YOUR PATH! Get the non-remastered version now!