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Totally Insane - 100%

Oliver731, March 25th, 2019
Written based on this version: 1998, CD, Axe Killer Records (Reissue, Remastered, Limited edition)

It was kinda hard to make the decision to write this review, because no one has ever given this album a 10/10. And in this case, it's not the easiest to justify why this is a perfect album, but you know, everybody is different. Destruction started out with a very promising EP called Sentence Of Death, that showed great potential in the guys. Then came Infernal Overkill, which I think we can call a thrash "classic" from the 80s. That album did an amazing job, but this one is even better. This album right here is the ultimate completion of blasphemy, hell, and schizophrenia.

It would be really hard for me to talk about the songs individually since they are all great, but I will mention a few highlights. Obviously, the starter "Curse The Gods" is the single most popular song by Destruction. It's absolutely perfect, the speed-up in the beginning, how the whole band comes together and speeds up to the actual pace of the song, that's extremely satisfying. The song has very memorable riffs and vocals as well, but that isn't the only song like that on the record. "Life Without Sense" is another high mountain of the album, featuring insane riffs and vocals, but that could pretty much be said about all of the songs. I would also like to mention "Upcoming Devastation", an absolutely killer instrumental. Mike's riffs sound like he's chasing somebody who he's trying (and going) to kill. There isn't one song on the album that would be mediocre or on an average level. They're just so well-written and well-executed.

Musicially, all three of the guys did a good job. Schmier probably performed the best on this album out of all Destruction albums. His voice is very high, but he can use it in a very colorful way. He does sound like somebody who is "mentally sick", but that's exactly what his goal was, and that's exactly what the entire album's goal is. Tommy is not the most exciting drummer of the German thrash scene from the 80s, I agree. He's literally not doing anything that we haven't heard before. All he's doing is just plain, simple drumming patterns with some doable fills thrown in there and that's it. I agree that this isn't the most exciting drumming you will ever hear on an album, but I also think he did a good enough job. He's not adding a lot to the music with it, but he doesn't take away as well. He's just there.

The ultimate hero of this album is obviously Mike Sifringer, who did an absolutely unbelievable job on the riffs. On Infernal Overkill, he wrote a couple of memorable riffs already, (Bestial Invasion, Black Death, etc.) but that album was just a little bit repetitive. This however is perfect. There are a lot of bridges and breaks to make this album colorful throughout the entire record, and the riffs are just genius I mean I can't find any other word to describe them. The using of more riffs in a song, breaks and bridges made this album a lot better and much more complete than Infernal Overkill. His solos are also good enough, I won't say the solos are out of this world, they are not THAT good. The beginning solo of "Life Without Sense" is outstanding, but all the others are just pretty good. But his riffs are out of this world. Just listen to the outro riff of "Confound Games"! Absolutely genius! So is "Upcoming Devastation", the instrumental where the song keeps changing until the end. The guitar work is absolutely unbelievable. Hats off, Mr. Mike Sifringer.

I believe the production is good on Eternal Devastation. All of the instruments sound great. The bass is very present, (which is not a common thing when it comes to old Destruction albums) the drums sound alright and the guitar tone is good. I've heard a lot of people complaining about this guitar tone on the album, but I don't know, I don't think it ruins anything it's just very sharp. It's still a good sound quality, there isn't blurriness or anything like that. Also, the screaming, insane-like vocals of Schmier go absolutely perfectly with this razor blade-sharp guitar tone in my opinion. This is how it's truly insane.

Lyrically, well, yeah. I guess this isn't the part where the album really shines but it's not that bad. In general, it's just barking about schizophrenia, mental illness, confusion, etc. They're really not anything special. The only song I can think about is "Curse The Gods" where there is great meaningfulness behind the lyrics, they really put everything into those lyrics.
"Jews killed Jesus, Christs slaughtered Jews
Millions die for their faith
Each religion prays that killing is a sin
How stupid logic can be"
How can you argue with that? There isn't anything that would be a filling line or something meaningless, the entire song's lyrics are absolutely deep. However, lyrically the album as a whole is not on the top, it's really not. Although even if it's extremely to write kickass lyrics about mental sickness and stuff like that, there is probably a better way to do it. Anyways, that's really a minor thing which I'm not going to take points off for, for me the music is first.

Eternal Devastation. A very underrated, perfect album. Probably not perfect for everyone, but I do believe it's perfect as a thrash metal album from the 80s. There is great musicality here, great, catchy melodies, speed, aggression, DEVASTATION. I'm really not feeling like I was missing anything on the record. It's totally satisfying. If it was possible, I would give it more than 100%, it's that good. Very technical, full of ideas. This is Destruction's best moment in its life, it hasn't done any better yet, and it's very possible that it won't ever get close to this level, ever again. Listening to the music, reading the lyrics, hearing Schimer's screaming vocals, Mike's headbanging riffs, it all comes together. It all makes sense. This is what this album is all about, mental insanity.