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Better riffs+Better production= - 90%

Human666, April 4th, 2007

After their repetitive and poor produced debut album, 'Destruction' took a step up with a much better production and more intensive song-writing...the result is a killer thrash album which sounds powerful and energetic and has some of their best
songs ever!

Ok, first of all I must say that the riffs here sounds absolutely top-notched! If in
'Infernal Overkill' I were almost sleeping somewhere in the middle or had a strong sense of it's completely different! The riffs sounds pretty catchy and dominant, you won't feel that this album drags with some improvised riffs which doesn't make any sense, here you really ENJOY! Damn, there are so many memorable riffs here that I can't even pick couple of songs and say that they are the most catchy or brilliant, because they are all like that!

The opener track 'Curse The Gods' begins pretty quiet with some clean pluckings and then it becomes a serious killer! Aggressive riffs and flawless drumming which makes you headbang like a maniac and if you are a guitar player, you'll really want to play it in yourself. I mean, after I heard this album a couple of times I learnt almost all the riffs here because it really sounds so catchy and fun and you just can't miss them because they sounds so cool and you want to impress your naive friends with some killers riffs which will blow their head out! Don't you?
'Confound Games' is a classic song with a catchy chorus and fast-paced riffing assault, also pretty decent vocals and excellent drumming. 'United By Harted' has a cool shredding intro and a shitload of headbanging riffs, it's just another awesome thrash anthem which you'll dig for a long time. “Eternal Ban” has a similar intro as the former track but it's a bit catchier and shorter track with some goofy lyrics which sounds like a stupid poser's declaration who trying to get some attention of his world...but it's done pretty well anyway.

In conclusion: if you are looking for a thrashing riff monster to bang your neck till it breaks, or if you want to blow up some dumb posers in town, get this fucking album right now! Take off your ass from the chair and run as fast as you can and get yourself a copy of a pure destructive metal piece!