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Devastation through Eternal Riffs - 92%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 17th, 2008

Once again 1986 proves to be an exceptional year for thrash metal. Aside the most known masterpieces in this genre, we can find also this Eternal Devastation that marks the second full length by this unholy war machine called Destruction. Infernal Overkill was already great, considering also that was a debut album and now Destruction continue their march through hell with more bombastic, aggressive and fast songs. All you need to know about the german thrash metal can be fold up in this album as a present to you.

The opener is the song that made Destruction so famous in the 80s. This track is called “Curse The Gods”. The distorted intro made history and once I read how many times Burzum and Euronymous discussed about this. The true attack already shows us a bunch of riffs and the fast tempo parts are absolutely amazing. The riffs are in fast succession and the guitars are truly relentless. This is a six minute song in which all the thrash metal essence collides to create an unbelievable wall of sound. The vocals by Schmier are raspy but a bit cleaner if we compare them to the ones by Angelripper and Petrozza. They are more thrash style and not death/black influenced. Anyway, the high pitched screams are unique.

“Confound Games” features that kind of vocals and more galloping parts by the guitars. The production is sharp but always a bit unpolished and this is great because it restarts exactly where Infernal Overkill ended but this time the volumes are far better. So the guitars once again are the most important thing here and the riffs are always dry out in their distortion. They are truly essential as also the drums sound. Despite the great number of riffs, there are always catchy parts and a sense of melody can be found in more that one solo by the guitars. Also the pure rhythmic guitars parts are a bit melodic in few parts but not too much. This increases my idea of seeing Destruction as the most “pure thrash metal” band in the German trio.

“Life Without Sense” is great again. The energetic, schizophrenic riffs are a trademark and the mid-paced tempo is perfect to accompany the whole song. The intensity this time is more focused on the guitars patterns and less on the drums, achieving the goal of creating a bombastic song under not fast tempos. “United By Hatred” has something reminiscent of the traditional metal during the solos at the beginning but also during the rhythmic riffage that once again supports a less impulsive tempo ‘till some furious restarts. In those points it’s beyond me how many riffs they put out. Unbelievable.

After the sheer brutality of “Eternal Ban” (with a great refrain), we can enjoy the instrumental “Upcoming Devastation” that is full of tempo changes and furious guitars parts. The last “Confused Mind” ends the album under the up-tempo. The intro is just there to increase the wait for something really destructive and so it is. At the end, the sound of the guitars still remained in my ears for awhile and the impact of this album is a thing that I will forever remember. Destruction were great in that period and this is an obligatory stopover for the german thrash metal.