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Destruction - Eternal Devastation - 95%

A_Lesson_In_Violence, December 27th, 2004

Thrash Metal goes a LONG way, and I'm here to say that Destruction has some shit that no one else comes close to. They are no Exodus, they are no Overkill... but they are among the gods of Thrash Metal. From the screeching vocals, to the blasting drums, to the riffing guitars, all the way to the (rarely heard in Thrash, besides Overkill) audible basslines! I popped this album in while I had been drinking a little, and BAM, it hit me like Bonded By Blood. It has an impact on Thrash fans everywhere. Now, here's the whole outline of the album.

Curse the Gods is a Hell of a way to open a Thrash album. Mellow to start off, then gets right into the riffing. Killer riffs, too. Vocals, very inaudible except I can hear the chorus and something about Jesus Christ and Allah or something. This is one of the best tracks on the CD, definitely a nice one to crack your neck to. You want to hear some riffs, go turn it to 4:01 and about of this song, the groove is there, but the thrashing remains. 10/10

Confound Games is next, and it actually reminds me Bathory did on one of their albums. I believe it was something off of Hammerheart, I'll have to check up on it. A total riff fest with no ending, with pounding double bass in the back. God damn, this guy can fucking sing. If you want a band with a lead singer who can growl for a little bit and then hit Halford notes, listen to Destruction. Overall, a pretty thrash-tastic song. 8/10

Life Without a Sense starts off with loud guitar work with a solo playing and the riffs coming. I can't tell what he's saying... again... something about "restistance" maybe. But this song gets sort of repetitive, until the end. The end kicks some serious ass. This is the shit that makes Metallica fans cry to their mommies. 7.5/10

United by Hatred, can't you just feel the anger of this song by looking at the title? I damn sure can. You'll feel it even more when listening to the song. Hot damn, this song is definitely an album highlight. Starting off sounding like some Yngwie shredding stuff, then going into the riffs. Exodus style. Sounds like something that came off of Bonded By Blood, Hell yes it does. If only Destruction got the fame that Exodus did. This song kills pretty much all 5 of the others, except the opening track. 9/10

Eternal Ban is next... yet again, opening the track sort of solo style. It's not that I don't like all the soloing, but it sort of gets repetitive.... but oh well, when you have a band like this, it doesn't matter. This song has some killer riffage in it, if you can take it all. Too much to comprehend, actually. The night I heard this album, that's exactly what I thought. It was all flowing in, the bass, drums, and guitar, and I felt as if my brain were about to pop. That's what makes this song a mad one, killer to crack some skulls to. 8/10

The closing track, ALMOST a title track... Upcoming Devestation... it's one of those Thrash songs that isn't an all out stereo bursting riff fest, but more of a laid back Testament (no I'm not saying Testament wasn't a thrash blast, but I am saying a lot of their stuff was more laid back) material. Later in the song, it becomes what Thrash generally is, riffs riffs and more riffs. This song is only missing one thing generally in thrash -- the singing! Which is actually somewhat of a relief. The vocals are great, but an OD on thrash vocals is not something you want to experience, so a nice little thrash-about-bang-your-head-drink-some-beer instrumental to end the album, how kick ass. 10/10

All in all, this is definitely in my top 10 thrash album rack. Along with Bonded By Blood [Exodus], The Years of Decay [Overkill], Oppressing the Masses [Vio-lence], Agent Orange [Sodom], Pleasure to Kill [Kreator], Persistance of Time [Anthrax], Piece of Time [Athiest], and 2 others. If you're fans of any of these albums, I highly recommend Destruction's "Eternal Devastation" for your listening pleasures. Enjoy.