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Destruction - Best Of - 85%

Orbitball, August 14th, 2013

I'd have to say that this is a real rehash from the past and how the band evolved over time. The earlier material is totally lacking good production quality and has a rather raw sound. That is apparent upon hearing such great memories of the past. It's definitely refreshing to the memory to hear those songs such as "Mad Butcher" and "Invincible Force", the intensity is so right there. At the time, the band focused more on Satanism and anti-Christianity in general, but as the years went by, they sing more about why religion is basically a farce. That's the core to Destruction, something I never really got into. But Schmier's vocals and the music on the early stuff tastes a revival.

Total thrash metal oriented guitar work, I'd have to say they were much better off with Harry doing the solos when he was with the band and let Mike focus on rhythm guitar. It's not a downer to him as a guitarist, but his solos really were pretty poor, but the rhythms were quite original and I think that's why the band succeeded for about 25 years in the thrash metal community. It was a hard time when Schmier left the band because Schmier is one vocalist that could not be replaced in any way. You get to hear that on this compilation. His voice cannot be replicated, though Angelripper from Sodom has a striking resemblance to him.

About the music, Destruction was never about really fast tempos, I'd say just moderate amounts of bar chord frenzies and some tremolo picked overtures. This is the core of Destruction, the catchy riff-writing is what they're so notorious for having. Even though they had a moderately good drummer at the time named Tommy for the first few albums, his outputs were sub-par, but still went decently alongside the music. Mike leads the way with his guitar intensity, in that respect, Destruction never really "lost it" though their newer material I would say is not their greatest.

Infernal Overkill songs on here are pretty much the best due to originality, raw sound, but not too much and intensity. Really a best of compilation that's got a great amount of songs from that album. Sentence of Death was a good intro for the band's true first dish in the thrash metal community. They were around about the same time Metallica and Slayer were dishing out raw sounding thrash. Some really good stuff and some really good times hearing these songs again on this compilation. It is a 2 disc so a ton of Destruction to melt your brain with! Pick it up and get a taste of some great thrash metal by the "German Thrash Legend."