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Live again! - 85%

Disciple_Of_Metal, November 1st, 2004

Was there a better way to let the world know that Destruction are very much alive and kicking ass than to release a live album that combines the old-school with the new-school? Well they did it, and succeeded very well.

The album features 7 old-time favorites (including Curse The Gods!!!) and 6 "new" ass-kicking thrashers from All Hell Breaks Loose and The Antichrist. It's good to hear the old classics shredded up with good production, and the band is at the top of their form, with Schmier doing his insane screams as if somebody lit his copy of Bonded By Blood on fire.

It's not a revolutionary album, not a mindblowing album, and being a Japan-only release I wouldn't recommend forking out a huge amount of cash for it, but I'd say you're definitely getting a treat when you get this with the DVD. It's a great performance by a great band and I'd say it was the perfect time to release another live album, having already gone through line-up changes, sucktacular releases, and then a spectacular comeback - it was time to flex those live skills again, and they pulled it off.

Also, for a good laugh, listen to the end of Invinceable Force - the guitars drop out about two times and they keep having to start Bestial Invasion over again. (Including fuck-ups on a live album doesn't necessarily take away from the album!)

All in all, definitely enjoyable and worthy of many spins in your CD player. But if you don't have the cash I don't believe there's reason enough to sell your leg to get it, as I can understand anyone being totally happy with the studio albums, and a live album like this doesn't even compare with Live Without Sense. But hey, it's Destruction, and in most cases, such as this, it rules. If you do decide to spend the money on it, you shan't be disappointed.