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Destroyers - Dziewięć kręgów zła

Mysteries and Miseries in a Resurrection, Phoenix-like Bond - 89%

bayern, June 5th, 2022

Yeaah, these guys are back! Happiness for all right away, spiced with a few bottles of Polish vodka… not in copious amounts, though, as you have to be in the appropriate state of sobriety in order to savour this really nice reformation stint. The band smacked two very good albums of varied old school progressive speed/thrash in the late-80’s/early-90’s, and then disappeared.

They’re back now, armed with two ravishing beauties on the cover; and also with two bass players, the names Marek Loza and Wojciech Szyszko, both survivors from the early configuration, who have invited members of the heavy metal outfit Another World to assist them in this new/old enterprise. The classic prog/speed/thrash mixture is in full swing once again, the approach quite similar to the one from the band’s early feats, the guys saddling all the horses in the vicinity with the galloping delight "Zemsta Roninow", a wayward introduction with an even more fervent follow-up, the short shattering headbanger "Jeszcze Gorsi". Vigour and complexity come seamlessly blended on the exquisite progressiver "Noc Lubieznych Cial", a thrilling unpredictable piece enhanced by angelic female vocals which assist the main male ones. The latter are nowhere near as expressive and high-strung as the previous banshee-like tirades, the man adhering to a not very exciting semi-declamatory approach the entire time, thus leaving the genuinely pleasant surprises for his colleagues.

And the lads don’t disappoint, mixing steady mid-paced strollers ("Czarna Smierc") with more elaborate thrashers ("Wszetecznica"), the more relaxed side of the power/speed metal movement reflected in the short frolic "Krwawa Hrabina", its complicated antidote being the tightly-woven rifforama “Bal”, and by all means the 11-min closing title-track, a lofty summative exercise in intricate speed/thrashing with a wide gamut of nuances covered, and a few truly infectious lead-driven extrapolations.

This is it, to capture the very essence of your previous repertoire, and to provide it to the new generation in its most scintillating form. A very timely reformation as well, with other old timers (Astharoth, Wolf Spider) from the guys’ homeland also hitting the spotlight recently, nearly restoring Polish prog-thrash’s older glories. It’s a bit hard to hear the two basses, though; the album isn’t very bass-saturated… and it’s probably for the better cause now the riffs cut and lash with pain-inflicting qualities, whenever they don’t get tempted by the merrier side of life. Not too frequently, mind you; it’s destroyers we’re talking about… there’s not much room for mirth and jubilation in their oeuvre.