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DanFuckingLucas, August 21st, 2004

Starting off with a cry - I'm not sure if it is the cry of a medieval army ready to plunge headfirst into battle, or a metalhead army ready to plunge headfirst into a nights drinking - "Satanic Speed Metal" fires straight off with a riff that is, well, speedy. Cries, whistles etc in the background make this sound as if it were being played live, The song lives up to it's name, because it's orgasmically fast - the blastbeats adding to this and giving the image of a freight train tearing down the line at full speed. The guitar solo kicks in at 2:20, and is all like, "wah wah wah" and cool. It's not one of those total masturbation solos that goes on forever and gets boring - it's short (well, about a minute) and sweet and kicks you in the teeth. The blastbeats carry forth through the solo, and carry the solo to the end of the song, along with cries of "DESTROYER!! 666!! DESTROYER!! 666!! This song is fucking awesome. You can't not love it. The chorus is catchy as Hell, and I swear, you'll be walking along singing it. People WILL stare at you in the street, but why wouldn't they? After all, you ARE walking around screaming "SATANIC!!! SPEEEEEEEEEEED... METAL!!!"

Second and final track, "The Sirens Call." Not as blisteringly fast as the title track, and not as blisteingly awesome, the song starts off with a speedy, powerful riff, soon to be joined by Warslut's vocals. Between the first and second verse, we get treated to a short (around eight seconds) guitar solo. Those teasing bitches!! In oppositon to the title track, this song is more powerful that all-out speed, and once again at the 2:20 mark we get a solo. More melodic that it's counterpart, it only lasts about half as long at around thirty seconds, before kicking back into the familiar verse. But don't worry, after the fourth verse we get anoth solo. Yay!! Starting at about 3:20, dueting with Warslut's cries of "BEWARE!!! THE SIRENS CALL!!!" it brings the song home, along with a few more screams of "BEWARE!!!" and "BEWARE!!! THE SIRENS CALL!!!" The song is by no means boring, but when compared with the totally awesome "Satanic Speed Metal," it just seems slow and dull.


Sadly not up to Deströyer 666's standards - 65%

MacMoney, June 23rd, 2004

This release delivers exactly what it promises. The title song is very much satanic speed metal reminiscent quite much of 80's speed metal with just harsher vocals and the trademark D666-melodies that Warslut likes to throw around. It sounds somewhat like the song was played live with the cheering of the crowd and the gang vocals in the chorus but the overall clearness of the sound makes me doubt that. The song's straightforward bluntness didn't really appeal to me at first but later on I began to detect the slight nuances of the song and it grew on me The Siren's Call is another rather straightforward song though it relies rather heavily on the style that was prominent in Phoenix Rising while the production is closer to Unchain the Wolves - though quieter and fuzzier - making it an interesting blend of the albums. That doesn't really save the song though. In the long run, it is just too bland and inferior to Deströyer 666's other songs.