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Affiliate your axe and annihilate your next! - 100%

Kopp, November 23rd, 2006

In this release Destroyer666 found a formula that mixes black and thrash metal in a way that is simply great. Fast, inspired, fierce, old school (German) thrash riffs, with various influences from Heavy, Black and Swedish Death musical solutions, create a mixture that nowadays is unique. The production is powerful, clean and very, very, heavy, so you could recognize this blasting sound between a million. Vocals are the furious, often supported by barbarian choirs, and fit perfectly into the lyrics: they give in fact the image of an horde that comes in your village and destroys everything it finds. However, as for the musical structure, lyrics are hate/war/devastation related but very well written and not foreseen. It is to say, Black metal themes but no Black metal cliques.

Not enough: Destroyer666 are a fury, but when they rarely want to slow down and give the listener a breath, they remain on the level of excellence. The most surprising thing is that the strength of this album is the variety because every song is memorable and different from the others.
Surely all are killer and for me is difficult to mention one as the best. This album is perfect from the first minute to the last and it never becomes boring. If you continue to bang your head with "Reign in Blood" after fifteen years you listen it, you know what I mean and, believe me, this stuff for you is a must .

Every time I put "Cold Steel" in my stereo I want to devastate everything around me. I recommend this album to everybody listens extreme metal and likes to break his neck, as I recommend people affected by killer instincts to stay away from it. Destroyer 666 may seem a childish moniker, but there is no better way to define the sound of this band. One of the best albums ever, 100 is not enough.