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Great blackened thrash - 94%

Hawks10Pec, March 11th, 2009

Now I'm going to be really honest here, thrash has never really been my thing. Bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, and Metallica really never caught my interest very much. While those bands are supposed to be some of the best thrash has to offer, I never thought much of any of them. One band has changed my mind on thrash completely though and that is this band, Destroyer 666. While they're not pure thrash (they mix thrash, black, and death metal), thrash is the main sound that this band goes for. Let me tell you something, Destroyer 666 is one of the most evil metal bands to ever walk this earth. I would also be willing to say that they're one of the heaviest metal bands around today. They just never let up on their black/thrash assault and every song will make your ears bleed. So if you're more into the mellow, softer side of metal with bands like Anathema or any of that post metal, you should stop reading right now.

Like I said earlier, Destroyer 666 is probably one of the heaviest bands in the metal scene today. Every single riff on this album is as fast as lightning. That's where the thrash side of the band really shines. The guitar on this album just never lets up and its just pure aggression for the whole duration of this album. So if you're someone who likes a nice little soft acoustic break in your metal, once again, stop reading and stay far away from this album. Not a lot of solos in this album, but when there is a solo let me tell you, it will melt your ***ing face off. Also, the riffs are pretty melodic, but not melodic in a melodic black metal, happy kind of way. Melodic and also brutal as hell at the same time. Bass on this album isn't really that noticeable because the guitars pretty much shine throughout this whole album. I'm sure the bassist is just as fast as the guitarists are because he has to keep up with them throughout the whole album.

Vocally, you couldn't ask for a better performance. K.K. Warslut is the vocalists name and he is also the one of the guitarists. This guy can pretty much do it all. He can do the thrash metal yell, the rasp that is heard in most black metal, and also a low death metal growl. This guy is one intense mother***er. Probably one of the most energetic frontmen you will see in the metal scene today. Like I said earlier, he is also one of the lightning fast guitarists so already you can tell that he's multi-talented. Most of you should know what to expect from the lyrics too. Old school style black/thrash metal usually have lyrics dealing with Satan, war, anti-christianity, and other *** like that. Well Destroyer 666 are no different. Brutal band, brutal lyrics.

Fans of old school German thrash such as Sodom or Destruction or the first wave of black metal bands such as early Bathory, Celtic Frost, or Mercyful Fate will all go crazy over this album. Even if you're not a fan of those bands you should still check this out. One of the best metal albums that I've heard in a while, no matter what the subgenre is. Only check this out if you like the heaviest, most intense and energetic side of metal though because if you want slow, melodic metal you're definitely not going to find it anywhere around here.