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Blasting spirit of revolution - 80%

spiritechnology, June 1st, 2008

Originally from Melbourne, being an offshoot member from the band Bestial Warlust, K. K. Warslut brought us the first EP from this his new project with the help of some regular drummers in the local metal scene. With it he communicates the spirit of virility and unfocused heroicism in raw and fast blasting phrases, achieving an existential release from the safe, dull and pre-packaged 9-5 modern world.

Apparently recorded on the same desk as AC/DC used in the 70's, producing a rough but relatively earthy electrical sound, this release strives to awaken that part of us which has not yet been quenched by the nearly all pervasive levelling efforts of Judeo-Christian morality and 'humanistic' and bourgeois currents of thought which in some way all display an interest on the part of their agitators in standardising humanity towards uniformity for different reasons.

Simple blasting riffs emulate the unrestrainable energy and ferocity of thrash and grindcore but are extended linearly in the black metal style to produce a more sustained melodic feel. Harmony is added in the form of layered lead lines which are often placed at unpredictable intervals to startling effect a la Bestial Warlust and either swell the listener's chest in heroic and soaring consonance or instead celebrate the mysterious potential of that which is 'other' in dissonant atonality which, despite the relative discordance, still manages to work in some sort of order with the music below.

While it looses some momentum in the last 3rd, the release is an unpolished but nevertheless honest and often compelling work.

From 'Corrupt Australia':