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The Barricades are Breaking - 100%

Sargon_The_Terrible, June 20th, 2010

I wasn't sure we'd ever get another D666 album. After the superlative "Cold Steel…" we got nothing except the EPs "Of Wolves, Women, and War" followed by "Terror Abraxas" way back in frigging 2003. Six years of whistling silence descended on the band, and though I was sure it wasn't the last we'd hear from the members themselves, as a band I admit I was fairly certain Deströyer 666 was over with. I received talk of a new album with skepticism, both over its eventual existence and its quality – after such a long break, how could they ever recapture the fire that made them great?

They obviously never lost it, as "Defiance" may in fact be the best album they have ever recorded, certainly the most consistent one, without the odd dead spots that marred past works. Every damned song on here is pure D666 magic bristling with burning steel riffs and unlimited attitude, blazing with the trademark fury of this band. After one spin you will be raging along with instant classics like "I Am Not Deceived", "The Barricades Are Breaking" and "A Thousand Plagues". Fuck, man, the first two minutes of "Human All Too Human" packs more riff-mastery than most bands manage in a whole album. There's not a dull moment on this disc, even after listening to it nonstop for weeks I don't find any spots where my interest flags, no tracks I skip over. The album stands together entire and complete, each song in its own place. Closer "A Sermon To The Dead" is a surprise, sporting the first clean vocals I have ever heard on a D666 album, but they work, and do not sound out of place at all, only adding to the feral majesty of the song itself.

I had doubts, but this album blasted them all into little twitching pieces. Defiance is another powerful, uncompromising slab of wrath from this most wrathful of bands.