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Songs for the damned and depraved. - 89%

LordChoronzon, August 3rd, 2009

Contrary to the statements made in the other two reviews of this album, I think this album excels in the areas that have made Destroyer 666 the best blackened thrash band in Australia (and trust me there are quite a few to compare them to) - namely tight, aggressive riffing, drums that hit you like a train with scythes on the wheels, and defiant (excuse the pun), hate-filled oral vomit.

What this album lacks in originality it makes up for in sheer power and rawness. The production quality reflects that of Phoenix Rising, but I must say that the drums were a little loud on the band's fifth offering.

Sufficient amounts of the memorable riffing from Destroyer 666's previous albums have all but disappeared (apart from tracks like I Am Not Deceived and Stand Defiant), but the addition of over-the-top guitar solos is a stand-out addition to the band's sound. That being said, the guitar tone on Defiance is far superior to that of their other recordings, but still lacks that ultimate clarity that many seem to enjoy.

All in all, this album is a must-have for diehard black and thrash fans. Anyone who likes fast, angry music will not be disappointed. After a few listens, Defiance to me appears to have that same anthemic feel that songs like Australian and Anti-Christ and Black City-Black Fire had. I am seriously considering going into public dressed in leather and spikes and screaming some of the lyrics from Defiance to the unsuspecting public.

The anticipation for this album and the hype that surrounded it are certainly viable when you compare it to the actual album, the song structures and audio quality contained in the recording. Thank fuck that Destroyer 666 have arisen from the ashes of immigration and given us, the unsuspecting Australian and international metal community, this album in all it's majestic evil and brutality.