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...And she liked it! - 89%

MacMoney, May 21st, 2004

Deströyer 666 are known for their intense mixture of thrash, death and black metal yet, the first song on this release is definitely their most intense. Ghost Dance thrashes away with the best of them. The riff that kicks in at six seconds to the song is one of the most striking riffs I have heard. It just blows my mind with its ferociousness. It sounds like the band is in a hurry to get to the end of the song and that the song is very much compressed with solos and vocal sections overlapping each other. As opposed to what one might think it doesn't deduct from the song but adds to it. It is just so frantic that it makes Raining Blood sound like doom metal. The second track is quite alike with Ghost Dance but the last song, Levens Blood is different. It is slower and more epic. This song is a good example of how to make epic songs without resorting to long songs. Levens Blood is only slightly over two minutes long yet it is quite grandiose.

The largest difference between this release and the full-length releases (and the new EP, Terror Abraxas) is the production. It is evident that they haven't had as much money to do this release as with their full-lengths. It is even more evident with the older 7" EPs King of Kings/Lord of the Wild and Satanic Speed Metal. The guitarsound is a lot more clearer on this one than on the older EPs but the mix is somewhat fuzzy and the drums are quite much in the background. For an EP of under ten minutes, this release does deliver very much. Two very intense ragers and a more calmer song to soothe you down. I would've loved to have a whole album of this stuff.