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A Ferocious Symphony - 90%

TheMorticiansFlame, September 25th, 2008

This album is intense…from the beginning to the end you are pummeled into the ground with some of the most furious, technical metal that has been released in awhile. When I first heard this album, I had already been listening to The Red Chord for awhile and was looking for a new hardcore/deathcore band to listen to. My friend suggested this release and I am forever grateful to him. I enjoy mostly every second of this vicious LP.

The first thing that struck me with such a good impression was the instrumental work on it. Everything is real tight, from the drums to the guitar, and even the bass adds a lot to the work in a genre where bass is becoming less necessary. The riffs many times are ultra dissonant and it all just gets thrown in your face. The one acoustic break is scary as hell and works as a nice little break. But afterward, they make up for lost time with one of the fastest parts on the album. The drums on this record do not need to be talked about much; they are tight, really fast, and really impressive.

The vocals on this album provide a great deal of its impressiveness. The dual-vocalist blast gives the album a strong versatility in vocal style, putting it above many other death metal or metal/deathcore releases to date. Both really let it all out in incredible growls, screams, and yells.

The breakdowns on this album are also something that sets it apart from the rest. They are not as boring as chugging the open strings, they incorporate other chords and intervals into these headache inducing throwdowns.

Overall, this is a great album, my one big complaint is the tone of the guitars, it’s really sharp and when heard in contrast with other albums can prove to be a bit of a strain for the first song or two, but once you get deeper in, it becomes a lot easier to handle.