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Death Metal "core"? - 90%

GruesomeSean, March 16th, 2006

Finally, I’ve heard a metalcore band that doesn’t just stick to the same bullshit formula. Or is Despised Icon a death metal band that decided to add metalcore into their sound? Well, genre bickering aside, this Canadian band is kicking my ass with their latest release, The Healing Process. All but gone is the Dying Fetus worship that was all over the riffing in their previous album, 2002’s Consumed By Your Poison. Also gone is the squeaks and screeches of female vocalist Marie-Helen Landry. Now they seem to have a sound that can only be explained as Ion Dissonance and Cephalic Carnage raping the shit out of Hatebreed. Just when you think that a song has turned into an uninteresting slam fest, they step into high gear with a super fast, technical, gravity blasting assault that Quebec bands are known for. Vocally, we’ve got three main styles. The standard, less interesting Hatebreed’esq vocals, then some metalcore screeches, then we have some bottom of the sewer sludge low gurgles. The thing makes the vocals even more jizz inducing is that they seem to know how to perfectly mix them around. This is a great first release for them on their new label, Century Media. I expect many more people will be hearing this band name in the near future.