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Selling out? - 75%

Gh3tt0_G33k, September 28th, 2009

The highly awaited "Day of Mourning" release from Montreal's Despised Icon is well, boring. Don't get me wrong it's still a good CD, it still has that distinct Despised Icon sound that we've all come to love, but there's nothing that stands out on this album. There's not a song that really catches your attention. I've been a huge Despised Icon fan for about 5 years, and I would rate this their worst album since their first album "Consumed by Your Poison".

With that said, there's some things I've noticed that have changed in the album. The most noticeable change is that Steve's low growl has changed, for the worse. They've also pretty much done away with their pig squeals. I'm not really a fan of pig squeals, but Despised Icon was the one band that could pull off the pig squeal and make it sound good in their music. Finally, there's a few songs where group "gang" vocals are used, it's really annoying, and ruins the songs. Despised Icon seems to also have this new sound they use, it's like a low whisper combined with an attempt of a pig squeal.

Now for the upside of the CD; There's all new guitar solos!! Yes, something Despised Icon has started doing lately, and it works! Alex E's high pitched scream is still there, and sounds as brutal as ever. Alex P's drumming is still tight, fast, intense, and in your face. I don't know what Despised Icon would be without that drummer. The guitar work is good, there isn't nearly as many riffs as their previous albums, but they're brutal when they do happen! Another bad ass upside to the album is the all new breakdowns, if you're a breakdown fan this album is full of gnarly breakdowns in nearly every song. The most noticeable breakdown I heard was on the track "MVP" it lasts about 30-45 seconds and it's brutal.

The lyrical theme of the new album has seemed to adapted a 'Brokencyde' theme. By that I mean love/emo/gangster song lyrics.
For example the final track "Sleepless" has lyrics such as "Another morning when I feel more rotten than alive." "The reflection in the mirror across the room shows that I'm just another useless being," and my personal favorite "I wonder if I was just gone, would anyone miss me?"

I haven't really formed a "best song of the album" yet, but if I was going to suggest a song to listen to, it would be "All For Nothing" or the album title "Day of Mourning". Those seem to be the two albums that are most similar to the older style of Despised Icon.

To wrap things up, "Day of Mourning" is a good album, but by no means is it up to Despised Icon's standards. It seems like they just threw a few songs together after listening to a few brokencyde songs and BAM Day of Mourning is created. The album is really boring and uncreative. Would I recommend this album? Probably not, I would point them towards their "The Ills of Modern Man" album, because I don't think it's possible to top that album.