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Sounds great to my ears - 90%

BlackMetal213, April 30th, 2016

Due to my excitement of their upcoming album “Beast”, I have decided to give this album a review. Despised Icon was a band that I discovered after a subscriber of my now defunct YouTube channel recommended to me, as I used to do album reviews on that channel. This was the album I was requested to review. It was late 2010 and this album had been out for about a year at that point. “Day of Mourning” is Despised Icon’s fourth full-length album and in my opinion, is their best work. The Canadian boys really were at their peak with this album, although really, any of their albums could be described as solid, above average deathcore.

Upon hearing “Les Temps Changent” I was immediately blown away. There is some technicality in the guitar work on this album but generally, the guitars are there to be heavy and in your face. Melody is present in certain tracks like the pre-breakdown chug riff in the title track and the guitar solo in “Eulogy”. The solos on this album are all really good and are seemingly more present than on previous records. The most common formulaic ingredient in the guitars, however, is still the inclusion of breakdowns within every song. Being a deathcore album, that is something you just have to accept while listening to the music. You’re going to have breakdowns but luckily the breakdowns add a bit to these songs rather than taking away any substance, and they sound tasteful. “Black Lungs” is another song that contains an exceptional guitar solo as well as its share of crushing chugs and breakdowns.

Aside from maybe a few instances such as “Les Temps Changent”, there are no pig squeals on this album. For me, I think Despised Icon works better on this album without utilizing them. The vocal delivery here is solid and a step up from any of the band’s previous albums. While Steve Marois’ vocals are solid and tend to sound closer to death metal than –core, the lyrics on this album are a bit disappointing. Compared to solid lyrical ideas and themes on the band’s previous album, some of the lyrics here are just…stupid. This is especially the case with “MVP” which happens to be one of my least favorite songs on the album, mainly for its juvenile lyrical content. The song “Sleepless” actually sits on the fence with me. I love the sound of it, especially the welcomed somber, melancholic clean intro. But the lyrics here border on the emo side. The last line of this short lyrical passage is:

“I wonder if I was just gone, would anyone miss me?”

So really, the lyrics can be a bit disappointing but the music itself is solid and enjoyable. I can’t ding the album too much on lyrical content anyway, as I tend to listen to music for the actual instrumentation most of the time and thankfully, Despised Icon does not let down in that department. I’m really looking forward to the new album and can’t wait to see what they come up with.