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Just awful! - 20%

Gh3tt0_G33k, October 13th, 2009

I listened to Despised Icon's previous album "The Healing Process" before I had a chance to listen to this album. When I first started listening to this album, I was confused and thought I put some shitty wannabe-grindcore CD in. I had been used to hearing the brutal growls of Alex and Steve's high pitched screams. Now I'm listening to horrible shrieks and shitty growls. The only reason I'm giving this album a 20 is because of Steve's vocals and the instruments.

Getting rid of that Landry vocalist is the best thing Despised Icon's done. She sounds awful and does NOT fit into this genre. This release sounds more along the lines of grindcore. Marie-Hélène Landry is a horrible vocalist, her pig squeals are annoying and listening to her try to growl makes me feel like I'm back in 3rd grade math class staring at the clock saying to myself "When does this crap end?". Marie-Hélène Landry hands down ruins this album.

On the upside, the instruments are good. The guitars have some good riffs and overall did a solid job in trying to compensate for the vocalist. The bassist makes himself heard in the breakdowns. The drums at times are extreme in your face fast, and other times they keep a nice steady beat. There's a few bad ass breakdowns throughout the album. The instruments in this album are flawless. As good as the instruments are, they can not help mask the fowl sound that Marie-Hélène Landry gives the album.

If you were lucky enough to get the re-recorded version of the album, you will notice that the two songs they recorded are the best of the album. Those two songs are the only reason I use the CD for a game of Frisbee. Overall, it's a good album if you can stomach Marie-Hélène Landry's obnoxiously annoying vocals. I would not recommend this album to anyone at all. If you're our looking for a Despised Icon album their "The Ills of Modern Man" is definitely worth a listen. Stay away from this album at all costs!!