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Kinda boring midpaced thrash - 40%

UltraBoris, May 5th, 2004

I think they're trying to go for the technical/melodic sound here, because at times they're sounding a wee bit like middle-era Death, with both the good and bad points of that band. Of course, the vocalist isn't nearly as Chuck, but the use of slightly offbeat song structures with lots of changes, while the tempo stays mostly the same reminds me of ITP.

That said, this is a far thrashier album - in fact, it falls squarely into the thrash genre, and the real closest comparison I can make is the more obscure bands Flaming Anger (Germany, 80s) and Wartime (Bulgaria, 00s), except both of those are more interesting.

Therein lies the problem with this album. It's boring. All the songs run together. There's a few cute moments here and there like the melodic guitar solo sequence in Victims of Vanity, to name one example, but in general... ehhh... there's really not much here. Sometimes they try too hard, throwing in for example an acoustic break in A Distant Territory. But while ambitious in the use of random ideas, it doesn't work on an actual songwriting level. Again, the whole thing is pretty much one speed, and that speed is blah. This lacks the absolute chaos of Watchtower, the riff nightmare of Time Does not Heal, or the death-metal sensibility of Atheist or even middle-Death...

It's worth maybe one or two listens, but after that it is completely expendable.