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Not bad, but not worth a lot - 70%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 22nd, 2004

Best way to sum up this album is as follows: Thrash metal with different vocals and repetitive songs. Now, allow me to explain. Decay of Humanity is a heavy thrash album. It's unique style of fast riffs and drum beats accompany this. I would say Despair sounds similar to Anthrax, or at least close to that style of thrash metal. The music is very mixed up, and random musical things happen...well randomly. For example, the song A Distant Territory features a cool bass intro, but then the bass really is not featured in the rest of the album.

This act of randomness is definitely present in the vocals, which are very strange. On some songs he has a very deep vocal performance, similar to Testament (ex. Silent Screaming). Then on some songs the singer goes for a growling type death vocals, like on the song Decay of Humanity. Other times he gets really high and sounds like Kai Hansen, like on Cry For Liberty. It's like this guy could not make up his mind on how the vocals should be.

For the most part the riffs are very repetitive, which makes this album boring at parts. There are a couple riffs worth mentioning like the intro riff to Silent Screaming. Other than that the album blends together. There are some really good songs on this album, and if you listen to it a couple times in a row, or maybe once a day for a week this album might slide up in your top 30 thrash albums of all time. The difference in the song structure and singing does add a little flavor. All metal heads should at least check this one out, but it's definitely not worth spending a whole lot of money to get.