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Devastating darkness - 92%

marienbad, September 27th, 2007

French band Desolation Triumphalis was formed from the (ideological) ruins of Kristallnacht and it's nice to hear all the good musical elements from the latter are now developed even further with this album. Desolation Triumphalis' music is very mid-tempo and depressing with main importance on raw guitar sound, presence of synths and very memorably painful vocals, very similar to those of Kristallnacht.

Forever Bound to Nothingness begins with strong synths after which the guitars join in. The song is quite simple but haunting in its totally slow journey onwards. The second song has more majestic feel to it once again surrounded by melancholic synths. This beginning melody is very strong and it gets the album started with little more energy than the mourning opening track.

In some parts, there are specially hypnotizing guitar work and multiple string presence that I find among the best things in this kind of music. Condemned, track 3, has this beautifully sorrowful main melody that gets developed further during the middle part of the song. During this track, if not earlier, it becomes clear how much the synths sound like Kristallnacht, and I always found Kristallnacht's synths very skillfully presented.

One more important thing in this album is that occasionally a real violin can be heard sorrowfully adding to the created music. The whole album ends with unforgettable violin melody once the song Embracing Void and Darkness has faded away. The violins in that song and Arcane of Supreme Rise also sound little like My Dying Bride. Of all available depressive black metal I find this French band among the more important. Kristallnacht had many great yet faster and often simpler songs, and what Desolation Triumphalis does is to create more haunting material and atmospheres from similar sound (instruments and vocals) elements.