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Definitely a Timeless Journey - 97%

Gothic_Metalhead, July 11th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Alma Mater Records (Remastered)

Desire is a Portugal band that has also come and gone throughout their history, and has only releasing two albums thus far. Normally I would say gothic metal is some of the most depressing music in metal, but not for Desire's debut album "Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through an Emotional Dream" a triumphant take on melodic death-doom before death-doom became melodic. I have to say this is album is up there with "Arcane Rain Fell" it's one of the most depressing atmospheric albums I've ever heard. Desire has an incredibly special sound where it is following its own original sound without taking inspiration from the likes of the peaceville three and Katatonia. Their music was also atmospheric and depressing I confused it with gothic metal mainly due to its inclusion of keyboards and the way they were used. However, Desire's debut album taught me that even a death-doom band can use keyboards to have that level of depression.

From first listen "Infinity..." was phenomonal to listen to. I had already loved other atmospheric albums like Anathema's "Eternity," Type O Negative's "October Rust," and Monumentum's "In Absentia Christi" but this album is atmospheric from a death-doom perspective. The musical structure is perfect and emotional, and presents a lot of empowering music. I would have given this album a 100 percent, but what made me rate it a tad lower is the production. While the production is not bad in fact I barely notice it whenever I listen to the album, but having better crisp production would have made this album perfect. Nevertheless, it's still emotionally powerful and the way these Songs are made strongly make up its production. It's guitars are slow and simple, but is played in keys that are depressing and has really good dynamic identity. The instrument that truly excels is the keyboards. Church-like, melancholic, and a wall of sound, the keyboards is powerful and adds a lot of emotional weight to the death-doom inspirations that are contained in this album. It gives the album melody and sensitivity, and leaves a huge feeling of depression throughout the entire album. Even throughout it's instrumental parts it's still satisfying to hear the keyboards. It's piano parts are superior and classically trained, probably one of the most skillful piano playing in death-doom. The words to describe "Infinity..." would be bombastic, depressing, atmospheric, and above all else powerful.

"Infinity..." also has lyrics that are really good. Wordy? Yeah, but it doesn't contain anything that would fill in Songs and most of it is very dark and sensitive. Here's an example from "Forever Dreaming... (Shadow Dance)":

"Another fruit is falling from my eyes,
The seed... the last of the lies...
Leaving This Land of the Eternal Desires,
I'm drinking from thy enchanted fires..."

It has tender moments that work well in unison with these lyrics and the band's vocalist who also shows passion through the lyrics that he growls. There are few things I would change in the lyrics, but throughout the album the lyrics are really well written.

I have to say that Desire's debut album has become one of my fastest biggest obsessions in terms of death-doom. I always search for metal that is atmospherically depressing, shows passion and care, despite being slow and heavy shows a lot of skill in its instrumentation. "Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through an Emotional Dream" has all that. One of the most depressing metal albums and have to say the most depressing of all death-doom. This is an album that I would recommend to people who search for some death-doom that is melodic and atmospheric with a lot of sensitivity. It's near-perfect and was ahead of its time in death-doom during a time where most members in the genre either disappeared or moved on to play gothic metal (this album could be borderline gothic death-doom). There wasn't a lot of melodic death-doom by the mid-90s and Desire did something different and made something powerful and atmospheric.