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Lo-fi Death From The Cosmos - 92%

CarcassBOMB, August 12th, 2019

Desecresy is an interesting name, I wonder how many people read it differently than I did, perhaps resembling something closer to the word "secretary" for some. I went into this with no expectations and as usual that pays off. This is a strange kind of lo-fi death metal that I can't really pin to an era despite the band stating 90's influences. They also use a level of dischord in their music that always brushes my fancy, it's hard to explain but it's a kind of tone not unlike a warped cassette tape or a fever dream.

This is one licky album and I love the way the "solos" sit in the back of the mix like a malicious presence ambling forward on top of a disgusting machine. The guitar-work is what really sells this LP for me and I honestly expect no less from Finland and their love of melody even against absolute crushing darkness. It doesn't feel like it's trying to be heavy for the sake of it, there's something here that is communicated well - it's definitely using a different approach than many of the safer death releases this year. The focus appears to favor delivery over clarity and I respect that. When they do use clarity, such as the guitar licks, it's effective without diminishing that intent.

This is a solo project! I mean that entirely, one entity did the music, production and artwork for this high quality release that is commonly referred to as a band and in the past has indeed been such. This is perhaps the most complete "one man band" package I've covered so far in terms of it's scope and ability to contend with serious bands in the genre currently. Even the vocals are top notch - noteworthy for their lower register as well as their interesting placement in the mix. It's dope dirty.

As the album progresses the Bolt Thrower inspirations definitely become apparent and as someone who only just got into Bolt Thrower I can really appreciate having that context. It's more of a sound I'm currently enjoying but with it's own twist that shines. Heading towards the end of the album everything seems to slow down or spread further apart leading to the final and slowest track of them all, "Forms In Echos". As a whole it occurs so evenly that one can forget they are listening to it as they go about their tasks and hobbies of the day. It's an easy repeat and I can only hope for a cassette release at some point.

It's a must listen that will likely scratch that itch left by any disappointment from safer death metal releases thus far in 2019.

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