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Desecrated Sphere - Emancipate - 91%

trollhammer666, September 9th, 2013

Desecrated Sphere bestows upon us a death metal masterpiece disguised with something I would like to call, “lunar chaos”. There is a very strong, “astral” feel to the majority of this album and I have yet to ever hear anything like it in this genre.

There are two acoustic tracks on Emancipate, one being the intro and one serving as a breather much later in the album. The first, entitled “Reconnective” truly sets the mood for next portion of what your ears are about to digest. Itself and the latter acoustic track “(RE)Wake)” have a gentle melody throughout their minute lengths. The only difference between the two is the introductory song features a mesmerizing viola and some very bionic and deeply hypnotic spoken word lyrics, really giving off that “celestial” vibe.

Now onto the true brutality of Emancipate, Gustavo and Rubens blast away with hellish old-school death metal riffs with just the right amount of polish. More often than not, between each horrific riff our ears are treated with chaotic light-speed mini scales. One thing I can’t get over is how loud and explosive the bass is. They make it so prominent; it should be a crime to let José repeatedly blast you with such insanity filled bass bursts. The drums are ridiculously slick and keep the transitions flowing together beautifully.

The sound about halfway through the album begins to take on a more Behemoth death thrash style; still unleashing the bands trademark brutal and violent sound, while for the most part abandoning the “outer space” sound. For a new fan I strongly recommend the song “Leaders of Babylon”, it is my favourite, showing off some very melodic yet ultimately doomed riffs with a shockingly catchy chorus. The five minute instrumental outro “Eçá” is another top track I would recommend, showing off the bands musicianship as a whole in a more progressive sounding way.

Desecrated Sphere have a very memorable sound I can only hope that their unique style of death metal finds its way into your ears. Emancipate is a far more than your standard savage death metal release; it’s got that wild twist that keeps it miles ahead of anyone else. By far this is my favourite death metal album I have heard this year.

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