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Monotonously delectable - 95%

ImpaletheCunt, June 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2006, Independent

Canada is the breeding ground for all things war metal and here is an archaic gem of pure annihilation that even the most hardened Ross Bay Cult followers would praise with distinction and honor. This is as underground as it gets and Descention have crafted an album of stripped-down metal simplicity, by members with severely limited musical ability and skill level, however they still pull off a surprisingly brilliant album of unapologetic repetition. If you hate the first track then one thing is for sure, you will despise the whole album. This here folks is only for the most die-hard of war metal followers

The album starts with demonic spoken word and the mayhem lets loose 0:38 seconds into the opener called deathbed visions. The drums make the biggest impression from the onset yet are monotonous from end to end. It's fast, hyper brutal yet insanely repetitive as hell. Somehow though it suits the riffing style of the other warmongers and creates a warlike stomping march atmosphere that is infectious. The style is quite similar to J. Read of the mighty Revenge, but I would say this sounds even more claustrophobic, raw and aggressive. It will pummel you into absolute submission with its take no prisoners approach

I hear powerful base lines on this release. They thunder along like a German panzer division hellbent on decimation. It has a deep, thick growling sound to it and has presence throughout the release. The rhythm guitar has a lot of short, choppy rills and are the staple of the main attacks. Not much lead work to speak of however this genre of extreme metal does not require it. Now combine all of this will the vocal attack, which is duel recorded and then heavily overlaid, and you get a barbaric album that sounds as evil as it is violent

This band couldn't even get a record deal for this release, its released independently simply because the music within is way too sick for anyone to want to sign them and only a handful of the most passionate of followers would appreciate it to buy a copy. No label would ever move 1,000 copies of this type of noise, so I guess they had no other option. Luckily, I got my hands on a copy. The album artwork is testimony to the fact that this was done by designer rank amateurs ( the only other band that comes close to this overall feel is Detonator 666 with their sophomore effort) but tell me who doesn’t just love atomic bombs and goat heads in pentagrams as a theme. For one, Satan is fucking pleased

Lyrics are of war, Lucifer and total mayhem and I’m a huge fan. This is pure grime morphed into music and if you are a pure underground worshiper like me, this is your manor from heaven. I cannot ever see a follow-up to this album from Descension and that’s a good thing. You are never going to top an effort like this so rather call it a day

One of my favorite war metal releases of all time

Buy or die!!!