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Angelwhore - 86%

aeric7734, October 23rd, 2005

I have loved the music of Koblenz, Germany's Desaster off and on since their initial full length A Touch Of Medieval Darkness was unleashed upon the metal underground in 1996. Their music has always epitomized my narrow conception of black metal (though that conception's definitely morphed and contorted along the way); Primitive music conveyed by means of unrelenting blackened thrash and vomitous vocals enforcing the fact that this band lacks any glamour or pretensions whatsoever. Unfortunately, around 2000-01 I became increasingly bored by the metal scene and the ridiculously inane insurgence of retro thrash via the likes of Nocturnal Breed and Desekrator, Nifelheim and Occult whose releases seemed to all blend together to the point where regardless of which one was spinning on the turn-table, it sounded exactly the same. I never would have thought that come 2005, nearly 10 years after having been initially blown away, that this band would return and offer more of what won me over in the first place. As much as I tend to stay distinictly within the realms of slow and droning black metal that sounds more like Godflesh, I now recall the reason I put away my punk rock records of yore to embrace something just as DIY. Desaster, who would admit countless times to be nothing more than a modern day Destruction (although strangely better than modern day Destruction), again unleash their brand of black metal on the underground. The music is raw, cold, uptempo, and absolutely hatefilled and may have to a degree reignited my faith in black metal... at least my faith in lesser known innovators like this being able to release something that is consistently not mediocre. I'm not even upset by their move to Metal Blade, knowing that they at least have the scruples to stay within the realms of what they kick ass at doing, and will say fuck all to "reinventing" their sound to garner a few more hapless fans this time around. They certainly won't be bringing any newcomers into the fold with Angelwhore, but then again I doubt that was their point.